"FIRE" Mini Soda Can Enamel Pin
"FIRE" Mini Soda Can Enamel Pin
"FIRE" Mini Soda Can Enamel Pin
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"FIRE" Mini Soda Can Enamel Pin

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Fire is such a hype song that is a staple in my workout playlist! The song is an anthem which encourages us to live our life unapologetically and to ignore those don't matter because we are secure about who we are. Besides the song which is literally fire, the choreography is IMMACULATE too, especially at the 3:33 mark! Last but not least, the very last sentence where Yoongi goes, "I forgive you" is one of the most iconic and powerful lines, EVER.



  • Soft Enamel
  • Dyed Metal
  • Epoxy Coating
  • 2 Heart Rubber Clutches
  • Customized Backing Card
  • Size: 2.76cm x 3.81cm

Grade A: Near perfect pins, best in the batch
Grade B: Minor flaws which do not affect overall look
Grade C: Noticeable defects

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