Enamel Pin Grading

Each enamel pin is individually made by hand, meaning, they are all unique on their own. So variations or slight flaws can happen during the production process. All enamel pins will go through our strict quality grading and categorized into three different grades. Only beautiful and presentable pins are sold in our shop!

A Grades are near perfect pins, but may still come with very minor imperfections such as, but not limited to:
  • Minor light scratches
  • Minor or barely noticeable dust in the enamel
  • Minor underfill or overfill
  • Minor discolouration
  • Minor imperfection in metal craft and plating
  • Minor tarnishing on the back of pin

B Grades have more noticeable flaws such as, but not limited to:

  • Moderate scratches or scuffing on the enamel or metal
  • Noticeable small bubbles, stains, specks or dust in the enamel
  • Moderate discolouration
  • Moderate underfill or overfill
  • Dents or scuffs on the enamel or metal
  • Large areas of oxidisation/tarnish on the metal plating
  • Slight tarnishing on the back of pin

C Grades have obvious defects such as, but not limited to:

  • Noticeable scuffing around edges
  • Multiple large bubbles, stains, specks or dusts in the enamel
  • Scratches on surface
  • Imperfections on metal plating
  • Unfilled enamel areas
  • Major tarnishing on the back of pin


    B and C Grade pins are sold at a discount and shipped at random. Please note that there will be no returns and exchanges for B and C Grade pins.